BioSample and 5 circles cards

Biospecimen microsampling made easy


  • Reliable and reproducible sample collection
  • Even and uniform sample distribution
  • Customizable design and printing
  • Rigorous quality control and manufacturing according to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards


  • HIV viral load testing
  • Infectious diseases screening (incl. Hepatitis B, C and Syphilis)
  • Protein-based analysis
  • Lipid-based analysis
  • Genomics
  • Human Identification
  • Forensics

Ahlstrom-Munksjö BioSample cards are designed for micro- volume sampling, transport and ambient storage of biological samples. These cards are made of white and pure absorbent fibers and contain no wet-strength additives or chemicals. Thus, they ensure reproducible collection and minimize possible interferences for reliable analysis of targeted analytes like small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids or vitamines.

The cards with reference number 8.460.xxxx.A are CE marked in EU as In Vitro Diagnostic medical device in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC. Drying racks are available to facilitate drying of the cards at ambient temperature.

Different solutions for different samples

BioSample cards are available in different formats:

  • Standard format with cover for sample protection
  • Simple format, without cover for easier processing
  • With or without perforated circles
Product Cards/ Pack Sample areas/card Max. Vol loaded/ sample area (μl) Ref. Number Samples type
BioSample RUO 100 5 70 8.460.0001.B-N Blood
BioSample RUO perforated circles 100 5 8.460.0005.B-N
BioSample-CE perforated circles 100 5 8.460.0038.A-N
5 circles card RUO 100 5 8.460.0004.B-N
5 circles card-CE 100 5 8.460.0004.A-N
5 circles card-CE-perforated circles 100 5 8.460.0012.A-N