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Screening of infectious diseases

BioSample Card

Measuring viral loads and monitoring the efficiency of antiretroviral treatments are rarely available in resource-limited countries because of the high costs and stringent requirements for transport and storage of biosamples. Thanks to ambient transport, our specimen collection cards improve access to vulnerable patient groups living in non-urban areas and ensure better therapy monitoring.

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Forensics and Human Identification

GenSaverTM 2.0

DBS technology has become the preferred method for DNA samples collection for human genetics and forensic DNA identification.
The reduced size of DBS allows easy storage of biosamples at ambient temperature, a key factor in forensic laboratories which typically handle a significant amount of samples simultaneously.

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The latest advancements in genomics have allowed a deeper understanding of even the most complex biological systems.
The sequencing and analysis of genomes through high throughput DNA sequencing plays an essential role for assembling and analyzing the function and structure of the entire genomes.

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TDM and Wellness


The increase in popularity of biomarkers in basic and clinical research as well as in clinical practice contributed to make them the primary endpoints in clinical trials. Accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility are key factors when it comes to developing effective tests for analytical performance validation.

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Animal Screening

GenSaverTM 96 spots

Accurate diagnostic tests are essential to confirm the health status of animals, to identify pathogens, and for early detection of health conditions, which facilitates the safe trade in animals and animal products. Simple and reliable collection, shipment and storage of biological samples at veterinary facilities plays a fundamental role in the diagnostics process.

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